I had came into sheetz in corrgansville md around 3 a.m. last night anf asked the shift superviser on duty if she could break a hundred dollar bill.she instantly told me no.thats all i had so i went home an gathered aome change and went back.her name was brandi and she became very angry and rude telling me she wouldnt except ot.she said she didnt have time to waste standing there counting it.i then askednfor her bosses number and she refused to give it to me.after arguing with her over 5 minutes she finally broke my hundred.then asked how old i was and after i responded with 22 she said "i dont need to say another word".while getting my change she kept stating at me giving me dirty looks.when i asked why she was doing that she said "im not doing anything im jusy counting my money".it was very unprofessional.due to the fact that i am also a manager of a business i know for a fact this was awful costumer service.i will not recommend anyone to go to this sheetz.ever!

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Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #770144

I'm very sorry this happened to you. I'm a sheetz employee and we are trained with one central idea: Total Customer Focus.

This pretty much means we will do anything for out customers as long as it will not harm/potentially harm anyone. The manager you were speaking with should not have fought with you as we take all legal bills 24/7. The only time that I have not been able to do something at a customer's request was heating his coffee in out microwaves. This would not have been sanitary.

Anyway, don't let one bad experience keep you away. Call the store and ask who their district manager is and complain

Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States #745919

Its evadent that you not that smart for a 22 year old. Gas stations and Conveance stores have it posted that after 10 pm $50 and $100 can not be exchanged for smaller bills.

She was in the right to be annoyed for someone who doesn't know since your a manager somewhere else. You should know this already.


ignore these people. as a business, YOU are right.

this employee was in the wrong, NOT you. she may view it as an inconvenience, but it's her job.

a job she signed up for, and she is getting paid to "put up with". that's all there is to it.


Pretty much how i feel as well. Go to a bank or come prepared. If you're a manager you should already know that.

Dickson, Tennessee, United States #701489

If you're a manager somewhere else I guess you know how retarted it is to ask someone to break $100 bill at 3 am. You people complaining have no life, good luck with better service at McDonald's.

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