Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
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I am a regular customer at the Sheetz store in Hollidaysburg. I believe it is store #3.

Every time I go in either morning or lunch time the manager is either in the office or on the floor throwing things or screaming. She talks down to her employees, degrades them in front of customers! The things she says are unbelievable! She is terrible to deal with at the counter.

It seems as if she has no clue where anything is or how to deal with the public. When she is in food, especially alone... my food orders take forever!!!

I have no issues with any of the other people working there. The employees are all amazing (aside from this manager) at their jobs despite the fact they work under such tyranny!

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I know exactly what you mean. I believe it is a few stores with management personnel that should never be in a management position in the first place. I have a store next to me that wasn't that bad. It was was too small for the amount of traffic & customers, but the store manager was awesome & the store still did pretty good. Well she got moved to a newly built store (about 10 - 15 mins up the road)and another manager took over. The newly built store is AWESOME! :) But the original tiny store is going down the tubes! They really need to take a really good look at the management's work ethics when they hire them!

Way to go Hanover, PA Sheetz! :grin

Please do something about store # 177!!! :x :eek :?

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