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I saw advertisements for Sheetz's new Walking Tacos. Walking tacos are probably one of the most delicious things known to man.

A combination of Doritos, taco meat, cheese, lettuce and any other topping you would like to put on. I didn't have the highest expectations for this walking taco I was about to order, I mean hey it's gas station food, but I didn't expect to be as disappointed as I was. On the order screen, you have the option of adding chicken or steak to your walking taco for $1 more, along with chili, also for $1 extra. I thought why not- I added chili.

When I opened the bag to eat my walking TACO I realized that there wasn't any taco meat. In fact there wouldn't be any meat at all if I didn't opt In with the chili. I took a couple bites thinking it had to be in there somewhere. But to no avail.

I went back into sheetz to ask if I missed the "add taco meat" to my walking TACO! The lady said that it doesn't actually come with beef but it does come with chili. She couldn't explain to me why I had to opt in for $1 more to add the chili that is supposedly already on the walking TACO!

Needless to say, I will not be returning to sheetz anytime soon. #wawaforever

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Also extremely disappointed. At what point does a taco shell become a taco?

When you put taco meat on it, that's when! This is a $6 bag of chips. Walking Nachos at best. Would you sell a hamburger and make the beef patty optional?

Why sell a bag of chips and call it a walking taco?

Greed. Done with sheetz

Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States #1317796

ilove the sheetz company and they did accept myapplication for other positionsand ijust want to be a sheetz team member.iknow iwill be a sheetz team member when things get straiten out.


I go to all the stores I love the sheetz company the best. and I love the children and teen agers of the company and so does my sister candy.


I Camilla meixsell is a former employee of the plains sheetz store and I love everyone at the company and I am trying to get back with the company because the company and the ppeole that I know from the company I always say hi and I love the way they make walking tacos my favorite snack food.


I just had one tonight and yelled at my husband because their was no beef. He said you pay extra for meat and assumed it came with beef.

So did I.

Wtf. We paid $5 for Doritos salsa and cheese plus .$60 for sour cream!


Their picture/advertisement shows what appears to be taco meat but isn't. When asked where's the taco meat they said they don't carry that. Then how is it a walking TACO?


Your right, that lady should change the whole franchise to have taco meat. It's all her fault.

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