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Forest Hill Drive, Wilson, NC store was so dirty, bathrooms were disgusting. Service was so poor and the managent were not involved in getting associates to provide good service.

I had to clean up a seat for my daughter to use the bathroom, but when the associate came in to clean, she smeared *** that was in top of the stall seat, never sanitizing it.

Disgusting nasty facilities. This was in 11/16/14 that I stopped there to get gas and use the restroom.

Review about: Sheetz Sanitary Conditions.

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It isn't the employee's making that mess. Those bathrooms get that dirty in a matter of 2 hours and that is after making sure everything is perfectly clean (Even the disgusting waste bucket that is in each stall.

As a guy, wtf is wrong with you women.

The guy's bathrooms are so much cleaner and easier to clean. You females basically just fling paper everywhere.)

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