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Being a regular customer at your Monroeville Pa. Store on route 22 ( the newest nest to Levens furniture ) I was greatly upset with the treatment I witnessed by a manager to an employee.

Early Friday the 24th in the AM. There was a very pleasant young man working on register. He was was was working on change situation and used a pen and paper to help him out. ( quite frankly I consider myself pretty good at math and I would have had to use a calculator myself)

The customer he was servicing was very nice and not the least bit upset about this.

Immediately a female manager with the name of Shannon on her badge came over to the employee.

She was obviously irritated and told him that he was slow. He said that he was doing it as quickly as he could and she replied "no you are mentally slow"

Gratefully so this young man was embarrassed and hurt. The way in which she conducted herself was extremely unprofessional, rude and hurtful.

I wanted to address the situation but that not want to draw any more attention to it.

I have always heard wonderful things about sheets and how they treat their employees. I just felt that you needed to know about the situation as myself and another customer where in barest for this young man. There was absolutely no reason to treat him as she did.

Thank you for taking your time to acknowledge this I would hope that it will be addressed as soon as possible.

Connie Block


412 292 9889

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheetz Manager.

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Newville, Pennsylvania, United States #1178921

Sheetz doesn't get these !

This isn't there and express your issues not this random webpage.

Sheetz does treat their employees wonderfully, 23 year employee and couldn't be happier.


Wow, that manager was definitely unprofessional and acted like an @ss!

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