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Update by user Dec 23, 2016

Did not realize that the amount of trolling that occurs on this website was so out-of-control. Have contacted PissedConsumer requesting to delete my account.

I wanted Sheetz to see my review, not hateful trolls with nothing better to do than insult the intelligence and mental state of users on this website.

I was under the impression that this was a serious website. My bad.

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2016

I just ordered my standard nachos grande with Doritos & no meat from the Sheetz in Millersville, PA. I am a vegetarian, have never eaten beef in my life, haven't had any meat in almost 20 years, and can't digest meat- especially beef- for these reasons.

I got my nachos & noticed that the chips weren't the Doritos. This should have been my first red flag. I took a few bites and noticed that something tasted "off". I looked & saw that they had put beef in with the salsa.

I threw up for a solid 10 minutes before my husband took the food back to Sheetz to request a refund. The manager told him that nachos grande came with meat sauce. (Ironically, last year, the manager at Sheetz in Red Lion, PA told me that they no longer made nachos grande, and that I couldn't do anything about the fact that they had given me a walking taco. My husband also picked up this food, so I wasn't there to say "this isn't my order".

I had to take it back, and I didn't even get a refund.) Now, I know for a fact that this is not true! I get the same order all the time. So my husband, being the non-confrontational person that he is, didn't say more. Now I'm stuck at home for the evening, sick & with a migraine.

I can't drive in to talk to them or anything. I'm absolutely livid.

This isn't just a question of my personal morals-- it's an issue with my health. This isn't okay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheetz Grande Nachos.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1258764

Your psychological problems are getting worse. Time to make an appointment with your shrink.

to h.kitchener Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1259901

Says the person who has 899 comments on this site. Do yourself a favor and find a new hobby

San Jose, California, United States #1258755

You need to make your own food. That's how you will have control.

As you say, it's a matter of your health.

to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1259902

Thank you for the advice, but I believe you are stating the obvious. Everyone should make their own food.

That goes without saying.

But on the rare occasion that someone orders food, they should get what they order. That is the job of food service employees, after all.

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