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I went in to purchase coffee and cigarettes at the same Sheetz I have been going to everyday for the last 4 months! An employee I have never seen before carded me and refused to sell me cigarettes because my drivers license was damaged!

I asked another employee who has seen me about 500 times to vouch for me and he said he couldn't because this young girl was his boss. If these are the type of people you hire as management I will find a different store to spend my $30 a day at! The kicker is a lady who looked about 15 offered to go in and get my cigarettes for me. She didn't get carded!!

By the way I'm 34.

Wow. Just wow!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheetz Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I don't know if it crossed your mind of not, but maybe, the girl had carded the other girl before and remembered her. Also, every Sheetz goes by Pennsylvania law, and so Sheetz cannot sell any tobacco or alcohol products to anyone with and ID that is damaged in anyway or expired.


$30 a day!! HAHAHAHAHA


You should get a new license and then you won't ever have a problem. Her job is to card you for restricted products. Cigarettes are bad, mmkay?

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