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Update by user Nov 08, 2014

Pissed Consumer has asked me if this complaint about Sheetz has been resolved.NO it has not been resolved..Sheetz will not answer Emails from the BBB,Pissed Consumer,or myself..Sheetz does not care about customers all they care about is money and to *** with their customers!!

Update by user Oct 24, 2014

Filed complaint with BBB and Sheetz never even answered the BBB email..Some company Sheetz is..Not a member of the BBB and Sheetz just ignores complaints filed against them..Very Poor company.

So if you are dealing with any Sheetz and have a problem expect to get nowhere with them!! You will be on your own and if it costs you your hard earned money don't expect to get a dime From SHEETZ!!

Original review posted by user Oct 09, 2014

On August 29th 2014 I bought $125 of K-1 Kerosene for my indoor Kerosene heaters to start getting ready for winter.I had just put new wicks in my 3 heaters and was doing the "burn in" of the wicks only to get a very bad smell.I checked the K-1 Kerosene I had just bought and noticed that the Kerosene was off color yellow instead of clear like it should be.I contacted Sheetz and was told to use the kerosene in my furnace and that they would send me a $15 gift card.Living on a fixed income I could not afford to take a $125 loss and use the kerosene in my furnace that would only last a week in cold winter weather where as it would last a whole month if I could have used it in my indoor Kerosene heaters.Not only am I out the $125 for the kerosene,I also have to buy new wicks for my indoor heaters at $10.95 each plus shipping.

Sheetz says that Customer service is first with them but in reallity they do not care at all about customers!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I would like to mention that you guys are all wrong and rather brain-dead.


I had same problem with sheets only I did get a answer after quite a few e mails. They wrongly claim that K1 is supposed to be straw colored


I agree Sheetz kero. Is not clear as K1 should be.

Their kero. gave me problems .I contacted Sheetz and was informed K1 is straw colored .I know this is wrong but that is their position


FOR BALLEN 3, I THINK......try the Public Service Commission as well. Bureau of Weights and Measures too.

call anybody that has to do with regulating businesses in some way. there are government agencies that do keep tabs on businesses so that consumers dont get bent over ALL the time.


I bought a couple gallons of Sheetz kerosene from the pump. It's labeled as 1-K and not cloudy, but has a definite yellow tint and strong odor. Is it safe to burn in my indoor Kero Heater?



Seems you may have the same problem as I had..I could sit here and type all night but I will point you in the best place to answer all your questions..Look up Miles Stair's Wick Shoppe..Everything you ever wanted to know about all things Kerosene can be found there..Miles is the most informative person I have had the pleasure to talk with and get info from.So before you use that Sheetz Kerosene and take a chance of ruining your wick or something worse like what happened here a few years ago when a Amish family got tainted Kerosene and it blew up killing a young girl.

Hope this info helps you. Best of the Holiday Season to You and Yours!!


Thanks for all this information. You think I shouldn't try this Sheetz kerosene in my heater?

I've been using that clear K-1 from Walmart, but it costs about $10 per gallon.


I should add that I do not know where the Amish bought the tainted Kerosene but it was tracked down to a faulty valve at a main distributor plant.

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