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Romaine Lettuce

I was wondering where your romaine lettuce comes from. I am asking due to the recent E. Coli outbreaks concerning romaine lettuce


Policy on buying cigarettes

One day I was buying my monsters and cigs for the week me and my 17 year old daughter walked up to counter the man told me that I had to leave my child outside from now on bc he had to card us both it was their new policy why is that my daughter wasn’t buying anything I was I’m her mother she doesn’t smoke doesn’t drink monsters even so I’m just wondering if this is your policy bc if so it doesn’t make since so everyone buying cigarettes has to leave their children outside that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ecer heard of in my life also if this is the case I will not continue to go to sheetz like u guys care or anything I work at speedway so I wouldn’t care if someone told me that ... but I am a customer at sheetz I get my gas there and cigs and my monsters as they are cheaper there but that makes no sense .... so if it is true I will not continue to be a customer I just want to know if the guy was just being a jerk and was just saying that I had to leave my child outside from now on if I bought cigs or he would have to iD both of us like I said she didn’t ask to purchase cigs or wasn’t purchasing monsters I was so that’s why it didn’t make sense to me


So everyone buying cigs has toLeave their children outside that is ridiculous wonder if their child is two years old there is no difference than my child I would not let my child smoke cigarettes now or ever even if she was old enough I wouldn’t send her in to buy my cigs that’s the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard in my life I am a responsible parent ... I don’t kno why these fools are doing these days it makes stupid if I’ve ever heard such a thing


It makes no sense to me I’m mad as heck ... is what I meant to say ...


Btw this is in Huntington Wv on Adams Ave not sure of the number of the store but will find out and let everyone know



Why is gas less at sheetz in state college, than the one in Lewistown


Coffee cup

When you buy a cup is jthe coffe free at that time or next visit


Waitting for answer


I'd say if you have the wrapping on the outside that says "first cup free" then show the employee before you take it off?



Been trying to get w2. Dillsburg sheetz is being rude not helping at all call number given to me no response Thank you Deanna L Ray



I would like to know if I can be rehired in Roanoke Rapids NC


Donation question

I am inquiring about the proper way to ask sheetz for a donation, either gift cards or sheetz coupons for our dubois- Jefferson counties A'htic chapter of keystone elk country alliance (KECA). We are having our 2nd annual banquet on March 24,2018.

All of our proceeds stay local (benezette) to provide quality educational programming on the elk as well as conservation in general. Do I inform you(corporate) or do I ask the local sheetz stores?



I heard from a current employee, that sheets plans to change their shaving policy. Wondering if this info is true or when it'll be taken into effect


Already in effect. They can grow facial hair to about a quarter of an inch, but it must be well kept.


Lost Loyalty card

How can I get a new card. Lost mine three weeks ago after buying at Sheetz. Please advise, B onnie



How do I find out what email I used for my Sheetz login?


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