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I am a grandmother of a young girl, that just graduated in June, she has worked since she has been 16 and works diligently. (2) previous jobs each one a yr service.

She is a student @ Shipp University Summer program which she has classes, starts semester in August. NEW to the world. I / husband are listening, hearing that no one is working with her around her school schedule, which your business promotes schooling for a higher education, so she is reluctant to stay there , because she is being treated unfairly, which we told her to stay, my family have been a customer of the Sheetz Corp. for decades, so I advise someone to check into what is happening at the new Sheetz off I 81 Fayetteville exit mistreatment will not be acceptable..

Phone calls have not been answered when my grand daughter calls for a supervisor / management to be engaged in critical information that she is trying to share with them about her schedule. She just started there as a new hire, and you would think the skilled would help a tad more to be able to complete the task given.. But her time is an issue when it interferes with her schooling.. That right there needs corrected..I hope there won't be a price she'll have to pay for someone speaking up for her.

She never had these issues at previous employers. Thank you in Advance

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Watch what you say. Asset protection will come and escort you out. They don't care about there associates


Hi! I am an employee of a Sheetz location in North Carolina.

Your grand daughter's best bet would be to call the company wide employee hotline. If she is not being listened to by her managers, the big dogs will talk to them.

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