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I paid $9.00 on a car wash on wed 11/22/2017 and when i got home, the dirt was still all over the car, especially on the truck. What on earth does the car wash do, if the dirt stays on it.

My car is brand new, only 2wks old, so it's not like its filthy. You could not tell if the car was washed or not. I am so glad I didn't waste $12.00 on it.

I will never us it again, and will be telling all my friends and family. Total rip off if yo ask me.....they should give you your money back...waste of time too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheetz Exterior Car Washing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sheetz Pros: Coffee drinks.

Sheetz Cons: Car wash.

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Okay why didn’t you tell the manager on duty? How about going to hr with your complaint about the damn car wash???


Complains about automatic car washes when they all suck *** How about you get outta your car and wash your car normally? Oh ya, that takes work...


The sheetz car wash is horrible. I just spent $12 for The high-end wash and you cannot even tell.

There’s still dirt all over my car.

How do I get my money back? I even have pictures and a copy of my receipt.


It doesn’t scrub your car it just sprays your car so don’t expect miracles


Cars get dirty when you drive them, hon. We’re in the middle of winter right now and road grime doesn’t care if you just washed your car or not - even if it’s a few miles down the road.

Sheetz car wash is one of the best automatic washes you’re going to get.

If you’d have had the gumption to get out of your car and look at it before driving home, you’d have seen that. You just sound like a very “new money” and “high maintenance” type of person.


If you think she’s has the best car wash is around then you haven’t been out very much. I’m seeing is $12 for a car wash and he didn’t wash the car is useless. As for being in new money and high maintenance you have no idea who I am or what I am so keep your comments to yourself Hon!!!


I'm assuming you don't live right next to the Sheetz since you said you "drove home". You probably got some dirt on your F-150 cause of your poor *** country roads. You *** moron, a car wash doesn't mean your car won't ever get dirty again.


Maybe the school that you went to didn’t teach you English, because in this case you don’t know how to read. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all is that what your mom was supposed to teach you. So you could take your comments and shove them up your *** for all I care.


what happened to "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at"? You literally told Javier210 to shove his comments up his {{Redacted}}.


LYou must be a very young little *** because you don’t know how to read very well. The comment was that I went from sheets and drove home, not in my F1 50 which you probably can’t afford anyway but in my brand new car.

You don’t go from the gas station to your home which is only a few blocks away to notice that the car is still dirty.

Didn’t your mom ever teach you that if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? So stick those comments of your %^%#



1. LYou should be changed to You


There should be a space between this phrase "well.The"

3. It's spelled Sheetz not Sheets

4. It's F-150, not F1 50

5. I would also add a comma after "anyway" in the first paragraph 6.

You should cut out the phrase "which is only a few blocks away". It makes the sentence choppy. 7. Again there should be a space between "all?So" 8.

I'm glad your car is brand new but it doesn't really do anything to advance your argument. It makes you come across as arrogant.

9. You don't end your last sentence with a period.


This is coming from someone who doesn't know that the sentence comes after the number 2...and the 8 doesn't belong above the sentence. I shocked you know how to spell the word arrogant...Maybe you should look at what your typing before you criticize others.

Your the one who replied with nasty comments and now your calling me arrogant. Now that's funny.

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