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  • Sheetz
  • 1 day ago
  • #856211

I have asthma severely and this woman was smoking right in front of the door sitting on the merchandise and texting while there were a lot of us customers waiting I couldn't walk past her. Not. Acceptable. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Sheetz
  • 2 days ago
  • #855891

Just left sheetz at 50 and 42 garner nc the coffee bar was totally emtry and the floor litter and wet. We obviously left and we Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Sheetz
  • May 26
  • #855119

I want to Meyersdale PA sheets ordered milkshakes and they had no flavor and they was really runny very gross Add comment

I live rather close to this Sheetz so it should be convenient, but have stopped patronizing the establishment. Nine out of ten times the gas pumps do not produce a receipt and the clerks are less than friendly and the whole atmosphere is rather dirty and tacky. I find the music outside somewhat annoying and I shall take my business across town to one of the local Mini Marts. I have never eaten here, nor have I purchased any soft drinks or... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sheetz
  • May 15
  • #848079

Went to the sheetz in Forrest va and the man working at 340 am at May 15 was the most impolite man I have ever dealt with. he was rude and was just utterly disgusting. Add comment

Customer service at Sheetz store in woodstock, va. is not very good. There is one girl there as a cashier who is very mean to customers, very loud and disruptive, very very rude and has a hygiene problem. This person should be fired immediately. I suggest that Sheetz should do an "Undercover Boss" sting operation to get rid of bad employees; or has sheetz gotten so big that they dont care about customer sevice. In the long run, this lack of... Read more

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What a bunch of bull. Rewards card???? LOL, LOL, LOL I got two cards and both times I entered the numbers it responded with the numbers were invalid after entering several times I gave up. So the third time I told the sales clerk the problem and she assures me SHE will get me the card.. Well after 20 mins. SHE gave up. Why you would ask...because that service was down. Got home tried again and now they say I have an account but don't... Read more

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Ordered a veggie wrap. Had to ask cashier to add pepperoni since it isn't offered anymore. They add it but when I got my wrap, it had deli meat. I alerted them to the problem. I said I told the cashier to add pepperoni. They reacted as if it were my problem. The girl re made my wrap and it was thrown together. Yes it was during lunch rush but I could have waited a bit longer to have my food made properly. Read more

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They hardly ever change their fryer oil. Combine dirty fryer oil with over cooking things like fries or tater tots and the food tastes pretty nasty. They burn our tater tots 3/4 of the time. Then there's their employees ability to read the order correctly. Almost never. We've ordered subs and ended up with burger bun sized sandwiches every other time we've been there. Now if they're out of a particular roll, how about telling the customer and... Read more

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I ordered a turkey and bacon wrap with lettuce, mayo, jalapeno and american cheese. After the 15 to 20 minute wait I ended up with a wrap with two tiny pieces of turkey, a slice of cheese,four peices of jalapeno pepper, a pinch of lettuce and no bacon. Aparently thats what 7.10$ gets you at sheetz! No thanks! Add comment

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